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In the World Not of the World

About the Meeting

Our greatest challenge as Christians is that we live in this world, and yet we are told not to love it. Christianity is facing a major identity crisis, and we've forgotten who we are. Are we of the world, or in it? Ian Jones, an evangelist of the churches of Christ, presented a week-long meeting on how to navigate this subject. It was held at Sooner East Church of Christ from June 6-13, 2021.

Thank you to everyone that visited and participated with us during our 2021 summer gospel meeting! If you missed a sermon, or just want to listen to a lesson that was preached again, you can stream them from the playlist below. You can also head to our Sermons page to explore these lessons and more.

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Ian Jones

Ian Jones has been working as a full-time evangelist for the last 10 years. Before being ordained in 2011, he spent several years training/traveling with older evangelists - working with various congregations across the United States. He now lives in Pampa, TX with his wife, Toyah, and 3 children, Van, Kennedy, and Olivia. Ian has been working with the Somerville St. Church of Christ in Pampa for the last 4 1/2 years. Besides preaching, Ian leads in-home bible studies, teacher training, leadership training, technology training, singing instruction, and counseling. Toyah is also very active and involved with in-home bible studies, and is invaluable to Ian’s evangelistic efforts in Pampa - offering genuine hospitality, which is key to the work that they desire to accomplish. Additionally, Ian offers correspondence bible study through Email, Phone, or Video. If you are interested in doing a bible study through these means, please contact him via text or email using the information provided.

Ian Jones
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