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Thank you for visiting our Ministries page of the Sooner East Church of Christ website.  This page was created for the benefit of those who are interested in what we do, what we support, and what you can become involved in at our congregation and in the international works we support.  If you are interested in getting involved in some type of ministry, or if you have questions about our endeavors to spread God's Word or help our neighbors, we encourage you to click on one of the links below to inquire more about these works.  

It is a joy and a blessing to serve our members and the churches of Christ around the world spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We look forward to serving you.  May the grace of God, the love of Jesus, and the peace of God be with you and your family.

Marriage Preparation

We’re very excited for your engagement and for all that God will do as you move toward marriage. Thank you for the privilege of assisting you and your fiancée as you seek out pre-marital counseling at Sooner East.

We want to help you build a solid, biblical foundation as you start your marriage. We want to help you begin a dialogue about your marriage, point out areas of concern in your relationship, preserve you from temptation, and prepare you for the marriage (not just the wedding day).

While our elders are very happy to meet with both members and non-members, we restrict counseling to our members.

The Church of Christ India

Our congregation supports The Church of Christ India. The group's work includes the development of congregations in India, the establishment of evangelists, the support of the evangelists in India and the support of the communities in which the congregations are established.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the practice of tending to the spiritual care and guidance of a congregation.  We have elders (pastors) that see to the spiritual needs of the body of Christ here at Sooner East.  


The spiritual care and well-being of our brothers and sisters is priority at Sooner East.  We endeavor to teach our members how to care for and strengthen each other, how to study the Word together and to lift up one another in prayer.

However, there are times when the needs of a member exceed the capabilities of members of the congregation. Christian counseling is available through several of our elders.  If you are a member and have a need, please let us know. 


We are glad to have guests and visitors at any of our services.  We enjoy sharing God's Word with others because it has been a tremendous blessing to our lives. At Sooner East, you will have many opportunities to share you faith with other individuals.

We have outreach opportunities to visit with people who have been guests at our services, members who have not been able to attend services lately, new members to our congregation, and our widows/widowers or shut-ins.

We can also set up Bible studies at someone's home or other location where individuals can contribute to someone else learning about God's plan of salvation through these study opportunities.

The Church of Christ Nigeria

We fund work to help evangelism in the country of Nigeria.  We work to support efforts to build churches, church buildings and the communities around the churches.

Through the giving of our member and the members of congregations all over the brotherhood of churches here in the United States, the growth of congregations all over Nigeria is supported.

Please consider supporting:

The Church of Christ Nigeria

PO Box 8792

The Woodlands, TX 77387

The easiest and most economical mode of transportation for many of our evangelists in India is the motorcycle.  Our support helps The Church of Christ India purchase and deliver these essential modes of transportation to those evangelists.  The evangelists may cover many hundreds of miles in support of their congregations in their areas.

The churches of Christ in India are growing and developing in new areas every day because of the support of our congregation and other congregations throughout the U.S.  Please consider supporting:

The Church of Christ India

501 Kirchwood Street

Plainview, TX 79072-5809

Outreach Ministy
Marriage Preparation
Church of Christ Nigeria
Church of Christ India
Pastoral Care
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